A Custom Control for dojox.widget.Toaster

Sep 5, 2012, 9:27 AM

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Update: Looks like Chris Toohey beat me to this by a couple months: http://www.dominoguru.com/pages/04092012113950.html

Marky Roden did a presentation at MWLUG that included, among other things, a demonstration of Pines Notify, a jQuery plugin that provides Growl-style notifications - something that could come in tremendously handy in a lot of situations.

I wanted to use something like this, but I decided to check to see if there's an equivalent in Dojo already, so I don't have to start including jQuery as well. Fortunately, there is... ish. dojox.widget.Toaster serves a similar purpose, though it takes its design cues from the little "toaster" notifications common on Windows. However, their default appearance is the worst thing in the entire world:


Fortunately, that can be cleaned up with a little CSS to be a crummy version of Growl:

A little better

With a bit more work and attention to detail, it could end up pretty classy. I think it's still not as featureful as Pines Notify (no "clickthrough" options, its handling of multiple messages with different timeouts is not nuanced, etc.), but it's serviceable.

The API to use this widget is actually pretty straightforward: you run a bit of code at page load to create a toaster object to listen to a specific channel name (e.g. "/save/success") and then publish messages whenever you want something to appear. The code for sending a message is pretty simple, and there are two forms, depending on whether or not you want to include additional parameters:

dojo.publish("/test/channel", ["This is message one, lasting five seconds"])
dojo.publish("/test/channel", [{ message: "This is message two, lasting 10 seconds", duration: 10000 }])

I decided to wrap the instantiation and required resources up into a custom control and make another demo DB:


The "toaster.css" page is the CSS I wrote to override the standard behavior. The margins are intended for the top-right positioning, but could be changed readily to equivalents for other corners.

The control exposes five properties: messageTopic (the channel name, required), defaultType ("message", "error", etc.), duration (in milliseconds), positionDirection (the position and slide direction, defaulting to up from the bottom right), and separator (the text that appears between two simultaneous messages).

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