My Sessions at MWLUG This Year

Aug 18, 2014, 3:13 PM

Tags: mwlug

As I mentioned at the end of this morning's post about SSL and reverse proxies, I'm going to be giving a session on using a reverse proxy in front of Domino at this year's MWLUG next week. Specifically, it will be one of two sessions, both on Friday:

OS101: Load Balancing, Failover, and More With nginx

I'll be discussing the general reasons why you would use a reverse proxy - not just the aforementioned SSL benefit, but also load balancing, failover, multi-app integration, new features like GeoIP, config/upgrade management, and content rewriting. I'll also discuss a specific setup based on my use of using nginx + HAProxy to use a proxying server to stand in front of two Domino servers on nearby machines. Though the practical example will be based on nginx on a Linode instance, the overall concepts are useful with other front-end servers or devices.

AD105: Building a Structured App With XPages Scaffolding

I'll be discussing the process and reasons for building an app using my XPages Scaffolding project and its further-advanced cousin the Framework. As with the ongoing series, I'll be demonstrating the structure of a basic app using my techniques, where they differ from common practice, where they are the same, and why it's worthwhile to adopt a similar structure. And much like my other session, though the specific example will be with my framework, the concepts and priorities can be applied without it.

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