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I Posted My WrapBootstrap Ace Renderkit

Sep 30, 2014, 7:49 PM

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Since I realized there was no reason not to and it could be potentially useful to others, I tossed the renderkit I use for the WrapBootstrap Ace theme up on GitHub:

As implied by the fact that it's not even a top-level project in my own GitHub profile, there are caveats:

  • The theme itself is not actually included. That's licensed stuff and you'd have to buy it yourself if you want to use it. Fortunately, it's dirt cheap for normal use.
  • It's just a pair of Eclipse projects, the plugin and a feature. To use it, you'll have to import them into Eclipse (or Designer, probably) with an appropriate plugin development environment, copy in the files from the Ace theme to the right place, export the feature project, and add it to Designer and Domino, presumably through update sites
  • Since it's not currently actually extending Bootstrap4XPages (though I did "borrow" a ton of the code, where attributed), it may not cover all of the same components that that project does.
  • I make no guarantees about maintaining this forked version, since the "real" one with the assets included is in a private repository.
  • I haven't added the theme to the editor via the handy new ability IBM added to the ExtLib yet. You'll have to name it manually, as "wrapbootstrap-ace-1.3" with "-skin1", "-skin2", and "-skin3" suffix variants.

Still, I figured it may be worthwhile both as a plugin directly and as an educational endeavor. I believe I cover a couple bases that Bootstrap4XPages doesn't and, since I'm writing for a predefined theme with a specific set of plugins and for my own needs, I was able to make more assumptions about how things should work. Some of those are a bit counter-intuitive (for example, a "bare word" image property on the layout linksbar (like image="dashboard") actually causes the theme to render a Font Awesome icon with that name), but mostly things should work like you'd expect. The theme contains no controls of its own.

So... have fun with it!

A Couple Blog Matters

Nov 26, 2012, 6:58 PM

I've made a couple structural changes to the blog here. Normally, I wouldn't make a fuss over things like that, but they're pertinent to the overall theme.

First off, I changed the links over on the right, adding a link to the in-progress home page of my side-project company, I Know Some Guys. We're in the market for contracts - web site projects, internal apps, and the like. I may have more about that later.

I also promoted the link to my portfolio page to its own category. Since the aforementioned side-project company isn't a full-time gig, it can't hurt to keep that and the resume visible.

Finally, the blog itself is hopping on the ever-popular Bootstrap bandwagon. For the most part, the look of the site should be the same, though some widgets here and there are an awkward mix of the two. Many of my projects lately have been Bootstrap-based, and I figured I may as well move this over too, but not just leave it at the default style. Not only is the site (somewhat) more responsive now, but it and the portfolio have been giving me practice with building controls and Themes to make the application of Bootstrap to XPages apps easier. One huge advantage of OneUI is that IBM did a lot of work theming standard controls and building excellent new ones in the Extension Library to automatically gain OneUI styling as appropriate. Fortunately, I can piggyback on that: with a bit of work with Themes and Renderers, my goal is to make it so that an app can be almost-seamlessly switched between OneUI and Bootstrap as desired. They're not perfect matches for each other (OneUI has more structural geegaws), but they're close. That'll give me some much-needed Renderer practice, too.