XPages JEE 2.14.0

Oct 27, 2023, 11:47 AM

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Today, I released version 2.14.0 of the XPages Jakarta EE Support project. As with the last few releases, this is primarily about bug fixes and compatibility as I prepare for the big switch in 3.0, but there are some notable, if small, feature additions.

To begin with, I improved handling of reading JSON in NoSQL entities when reading from a view. This applies to the @ItemStorage(type=ItemStorage.Type.JSON) annotation on entity properties, which causes the value to be loaded and stored as JSON, useful for storing custom class types in a document. Now, such values can be read from view entries - previously, this processing was skipped for those. Of note when using this: normally, storing as JSON will automatically set the item's summary flag to false, to avoid overflowing the summary limit. However, you can add @ItemFlags(summary=true) to the property to override this behavior so that the values can show up in views.

Additionally, I added the ability to use JAXRSClassContributors inside the NSF. These were originally an internal mechanism for the project to dynamically add REST endpoints and extensions, like those used by MVC and OpenAPI. Now, though, I've made it so that such classes can be registered via a file named "META-INF/services/org.openntf.xsp.jaxrs.JAXRSClassContributor" in the NSF, and also added the ability to specify configuration properties. The latter is important because, though all xsp.properties values were already inserted into the JAX-RS configuration, there was no way to provide non-string values. This came up in the context of MVC, which has a CSRF configuration property that must be an enum value.

For the final feature, I improved support for JAX-RS's status-indicating exceptions, such as NotSupportedException and BadRequestException. Previously, the project supported translating NotFoundException to a 404, but now it will also translate these other standard exceptions to their corresponding HTTP statuses.

The release is otherwise rounded out by a number of bug fixes to fix problems encountered in the wild. Additionally, I added a workaround for some classpath pollution in the latest Domino 14 beta - I hope that the trouble will be gone for GA, but this project should handle it either way.

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