Video Series On The XPages Jakarta EE Project

Feb 7, 2022, 3:54 PM

  1. Updating The XPages JEE Support Project To Jakarta EE 9, A Travelogue
  2. JSP and MVC Support in the XPages JEE Project
  3. Migrating a Large XPages App to Jakarta EE 9
  4. XPages Jakarta EE Support 2.2.0
  5. DQL, QueryResultsProcessor, and JNoSQL
  6. Implementing a Basic JNoSQL Driver for Domino
  7. Video Series On The XPages Jakarta EE Project
  8. JSF in the XPages Jakarta EE Support Project
  9. So Why Jakarta?
  10. XPages Jakarta EE 2.5.0 And The Looming Java-Version Wall
  11. Adding Concurrency to the XPages Jakarta EE Support Project
  12. Adding Transactions to the XPages Jakarta EE Support Project
  13. XPages Jakarta EE 2.9.0 and Next Steps
  14. XPages JEE 2.11.0 and the Javadoc Provider
  15. The Loose Roadmap for XPages Jakarta EE Support
  16. XPages JEE 2.12.0: JNoSQL Views and PrimeFaces Support
  17. XPages JEE 2.13.0
  18. XPages JEE 2.14.0
  19. XPages JEE 2.15.0 and Plans for JEE 10 and 11

Over the last two weeks, Graham Acres and I recorded a video series for OpenNTF about my XPages Jakarta EE Support project, which has seen a flurry of development in the last few months. The 15-part series is up on YouTube:

The project itself saw the release of version 2.3.0 today, which is the first release with the Jakarta NoSQL driver I blogged about recently.

I think the project has turned into a pretty-interesting "platform update" for XPages, and I hope the video series captures that a bit. I'm still mulling over a sort of "thesis statement" about the whole thing, but for now describing the various new capabilities and how they interact will have to suffice.

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