Upcoming Session at CollabSphere 2021

Sep 24, 2021, 12:53 PM

Tags: collabsphere

At this year's CollabSphere, I'll be presenting a session entitled "DEV114 - The Nuts and Bolts of CI/CD with a Large XPages and REST App":

Though Domino makes working with build servers and CI/CD pipelines difficult, it is possible to do so even with complex applications. This session will discuss the specifics of using several OpenNTF projects - NSF ODP Tooling, the Jakarta XPages Runtime, and XPages Jakarta EE Support - as well as open-source technologies such as Docker to build, test, and deploy Java-based Domino applications for testing and staging. This builds on previous sessions about the NSF ODP Tooling and Maven generally.

The general idea of this is that I'll be discussing how I actually use the various projects I've been working on and talking about over the last few years. I've essentially ended up building my own toolchain across the board just so I don't have to use Designer, and it's paid off handsomely.

I've talked about the NSF ODP Tooling quite a bit before, so I probably won't cover that extremely in-depth here, but it remains the backbone of the whole operation. It'll be good to go a bit further into the specifics of how I run XPages apps outside Domino, the limitations of that due to my inability to change the core runtime, and how that shakes out when running in a Liberty+Notes-runtime Docker container (short answer: really well).

OpenNTF Roundtable

In addition to my personal presentation, I'll be co-running "COL113 - OpenNTF Roundtable: Have Your Say" with Graham Acres. These roundtables are always pretty interesting, serving as a good view into what the OpenNTF board is thinking, what the community is interested in, and a general barometer for the state of app dev in the HCL sphere.