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Sep 22, 2015, 12:46 PM

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Over the years, I've accumulated a stable of podcasts I listen to, mostly tech-related (and then mostly Apple-related), and I realized that this may be a handy list for anyone looking to pick up some new listening material. I've uploaded the full list here, but here are some of the highlights:

  1. Accidental Tech Podcast - This show is hosted by John Siracusa (of OS X review fame), Marco Arment (of Overcast and Peace fame), and Casey Liss (of, now, ATP fame). It's almost all about technology, primarily Apple, with minor divergences into other topics.
  2. Hypercritical - This show ended several years ago, but is worth going back to if you have the time; it's John Siracusa's original podcast.
  3. Reconcilable Differences - Rounding out the Siracusa top-heaviness of my list, this podcast is less about tech and more about growing up and outlooks on life.
  4. Roundtable Podcast - This one not only doesn't involve John Siracusa, but also isn't about programming. Instead, it's about video games, hosted by a couple people I watch on YouTube and Twitch, and with a slant towards indie games.
  5. The Talk Show - Back to form, this is John Gruber's Apple-tech-heavy show, which is a great companion if you follow Daring Fireball.
  6. Random Trek - A podcast about a random episode of a Star Trek series each week. That description should tell you quickly whether or not you'd like it.
  7. Debug - This is something of a long-form conversation/interview show with a tech personality or two each episode. The episodes with Don Melton and Nitin Ganatra are particularly good.
  8. The Incomparable - This one covers geeky culture stuff generally: TV, movies, books, and so forth. I only listen to the episodes where they're talking about something I know, but those episodes are always worth listening to.
  9. Developing Perspective - This is a 15-minute-an-episode podcast about being an iOS developer, and is a great window into that world.
  10. Quit - This is about improving your career, including the potential benefits and perils of quitting a steady-but-crummy job for something else, and is often quite entertaining to boot.

There are a number of other good ones on my list that I didn't cover, but I didn't want to make the "highlights" summary TOO crazy. If you're interested in getting up to speed with the Apple world in particular, you can't go wrong with either ATP or The Talk Show.

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