Domino Wishlist, September 2013

Sep 20, 2013, 1:06 PM

I joined in a tweet from Paul Hannan earlier about desired Domino features (that's a very worthwhile thread to read - lots of great ideas from others) and it's had me thinking about more on my list. Fortunately, I have a blog for this kind of thing! I'm leaving off a couple big-ticket items like Eclipse-4.x-based Designer on the Mac because IBM may not be required for that.

  1. Make $WSIS not trigger crummy SSL behavior (really, first-class support for proxies in front of Domino, not just IHS/Windows)
  2. Direct access to note item data via Java
  3. Newer JRE
  4. Direct creation/update of NSFs from git server-side
  5. New XSP model-object framework
  6. New views, though that may be our job
  7. Aggressive, small-company-friendly licensing to compete with OSS stacks
  8. NSF-based SSL keychains
  9. NSF-based jvm/lib/ext distribution
  10. "Sensible defaults" mode for clean-install servers to get appropriate memory/cache/performance settings on modern setups without learning dozens of secret notes.ini settings
  11. apt-get-based distribution and updates for Domino on Debian/Ubuntu
  12. Improved XPages file-upload and -download controls to handle modern file uploading and provide better hooks for non-dominoDocument bindings
  13. Bootstrap theme for XPages. Done - thanks!
  14. Built-in default support for authentication fields in LDAP
  15. init.d startup script installed with Domino, because seriously, who ships server software without one?
  16. OS X build of Domino 64-bit
  17. Built-in Firefox sync server, because that would be a nice overture to general open-source use
  18. Support for HTTP authentication filters in Java
  19. Built-in beer database to compete with Couchbase's substantial lead in the area
  20. Easier configuration of multiple TCP/IP adapters on a server and assignment of services to bind to them
  21. Full control over URL routing inside a database (e.g. "no legacy" mode where a Java class can map requests to resources)
  22. Keep up the ODS improvements - 8.x was a great set of releases on this front
  23. CalDAV and CardDAV support - Domino should be a close-to-drop-in replacement for Gmail on OS X and iOS
  24. Along the lines of #7, a general push to establish Domino as a top-flight NoSQL database and app-dev platform, not just "your old company's mail system"
  25. A real focus on standard-API performance, with less XSP-specific cheating

I'm sure this list is not exhaustive.

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Karl-Henry Martinsson - Sep 20, 2013, 1:43 PM

I would like to add the following:

* Save Notes document as PDF natively using backend classes with full fidelity (using form).

* Print Notes document to specified printer using backend classes.

* Programatic control (UI and backend classes) of printer settings, e.g. margins, portrait/landscape, etc.

* Improve view indexing efficiency/performance.

* Reduce memory consumption of Standard client, as this is a major obsticle for many companies to switch to 8.x or 9.0. Not all companies can afford to replace hundreds of older computer with new systems just to run a new version of Notes... This is also crucial for companies runing Notes in Citrix.

Just a few things I came to think about right now, I am sure I have some more. And I am sure there are a few more at IdeaJam. :-)

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Anonymous - Sep 20, 2013, 4:56 PM

IBM should use IdeaJam for this

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Sean cull - Sep 21, 2013, 7:01 AM

move date and signature meta data in On Disk Projects to .meta files so that we can truly track changes to design elements

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Jesper Kiaer - Sep 22, 2013, 6:13 PM

The NSF is old and clunky.

Make it more up-to-date.

All the old limits most go, database size 64 GB, field size limits, @dblookup limits etc... 

Use OrientDb as inspiration


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