This Dynamic View Customizer Is Getting Into Shape

Feb 13, 2012, 10:08 AM

Since last week, I've made two nice improvements to my dynamic view customizer:

  1. I added some support for twistie images when the referenced DB is on the same server. The code assumes that the referenced images are image wells with at least two entries, but I can't imagine why that wouldn't be the case in practice.
  2. I vastly improved my handling of color columns. Previously, I had been resorting to hacky methods like hidden <div>s read by JavaScript or surrounding <div>s styled to take up the whole cell, but those were terrible and easy to break. Now, though, I'm doing it right: the code adds a value binding for the column's style attribute to create the CSS for each cell, which is ideal.
  3. Empty categories now are translated to "(Not Categorized)", as in the client.

Now that my code is presentable (albeit oddly structured and uncommented), I figured I may as well toss it up on GitHub:

To note if you want to use this in your own project: it references the "mcl.JSFUtil" object, which started as the mindoo object of the same name and has since turned into my bin for common functions. The methods used here are getSession(), which just gets the value of the JSF "session" variable, and the xmlEncode() and specialTextDecode() functions from my string utils. Additionally, it references "com.raidomatic.xml.*", which are quick wrapper classes I made to ease basic XML access, and which are also available on GitHub:

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Kim Acket - Nov 18, 2015, 8:49 AM

Jesse I wanted to thank you for sharing this DynamicViewCustomizer bean!

We do however have some strange issues..

In our datasource we have some documents with reader & author access set, based on a role, some folks will see the document while others will not. This works as expected. However in the notes client, we added some response documents without any specific reader or author fields.

When you are not allowed to see the parent document, the responses are also hidden in the Notes client, on Xpages using the dynamic view panel in combination with your DynamicViewCustomozimer bean, the parent is hidden but the responses are shown!

Do you have suggestion on how to handle this?

Another small thing I thought I'd mention, the totals column breaks the design and is making the page refresh/reload when clicked any where on the page. I haven't been able to resolve this, so we removed this column and all is working again..



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