Keychain DB: Very Rough First Script

Jan 15, 2012, 4:20 PM

Tags: domino

I've had a chance to start on my Keychain project from last week, enough to put together a thoroughly rough and unmaintainable script to do the uploading. It has all kinds of horrible properties: it doesn't do the Keychain dump itself (instead reading from a hard-coded file containing a keychain dump from the "security" tool), it doesn't abstract away any of the Domino DAS access, it doesn't check for existing versions of the items, it doesn't handle field data types properly, and it even writes to the filesystem. But hey, it's a start:

keychain-upload.rb (requires the json rubygem and uses auth information from ~/.netrc)

In spite of all its faults, it DOES push the data up to the database, and that's something. It stores the keychain file name in a field named "keychain", the "class" in one called "entry_class", the data in "data", and the rest of the arbitrary fields from the item in fields prefixed with "attr_". Once it was in the database, I set up a view called "Passwords" with the following formula:

SELECT Form="Item" & entry_class="genp" & attr_type != "\"note\""

The extra quotes around the type field's value are an artifact of the non-existent type handling in the original script - it just stores the values exactly as they appear in the dump file, rather than converting them to null, numbers, or strings.

It's not pretty, but I now have a way to view my Keychain entries on the web. I'll probably give a shot to doing this the "right" way via a Cocoa app and structured classes down the line, but for now it'll already be useful to me.

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