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Feb 26, 2011, 3:18 PM

Tags: gcd projects

Getting Crap Done checklist:

  • iCalendar feed? Check.
  • Email reminders? Check.
  • Basic mobile support? Check.

I have a couple more little things I'd like to add and some UI changes I'll no doubt make, but I'd call the quick development of GCD a success. Which is good, since the idea is to get me to do stuff, and quickly.

So what's next?

The big thing is to get Raidomatic, my new guild forums and raid composition tool, released and into use. It's mostly there, but there are little problems to take care of and a couple small features I should add before release. The vital thing will be to get it out there - I can add any other big features (like sorting loot rollers by how proper the item is for their spec) in later revisions.

After that, I want to make a Mac client for GCD. It's not like the site is screaming out for native clients, but I want to learn Cocoa programming and nothing helps learning a new environment more than having a very explicit and attainable goal to reach.

In addition, I've got a family-company web site to work on. Between that and the other couple things I have to do, I should be able to keep myself pretty busy for a while.

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